Mistakes To Avoid When Remodelling

What are the biggest mistakes you can do when it comes to house renovations? Find out below!

  • Not taking proper measurements – one of the most common mistakes when it comes to home renovations is getting measurements wrong. It is quite common to buy the cabinet or other piece of furniture and end up finding that it either does not fit in the place you wanted it to be, or that the appliance you were going to put in it – the fridge, oven, washing machine, television, etc. – does not fit in it. Always take your measurements properly – it never hurts to take them two or three times just to be sure. You will avoid wasting money unnecessarily.
  • Settling for the cheapest contractors – renovation is a big deal, and if you want your job to be done properly, you cannot expect it to be done for less. Just because one contractor offers you a price lower than the others does not mean that the other contractors are overcharging; instead, what is often happening, is that the undercharging contractor is either not experienced enough, or he is underestimating the work that needs to be done. What you will end up with is a poorly done job – and a need to redo work, or costlier repairs in the future.
  • Skimping on buying flooring – when it comes to buying tiles and other flooring material, never hesitate to buy in excess. It is quite common for tiles to get damaged in the cutting process, during transportations, etc. You will also be glad to have extra of the flooring in case it cracks or is somehow damaged later on. Furthermore, most suppliers will accept unopened extra boxes for a refund.
  • Going for granite – when it comes to kitchen renovations – and even when building kitchens outright – most people want to go with granite overtops for their cabinets. Granite looks nice but is expensive, and is certainly not the only option you can go with. Make sure to consult with your contractor for what is best for the theme of your kitchen or outdoor kitchens Adelaide, as well as what best fits within your budget.
  • Hardwood flooring – as with granite overtops, another common mistake people tend to make is to go for hardwood flooring. What you need to know is that hardwood flooring is not a good option in many circumstances – they are a bad idea is there is too much moisture, and pets (as well as kids) can easily damage the flooring.
  • Underestimating your budget – and finally, the biggest mistake you could do is underestimating the total costs of your renovations. Understand that in almost every case, the final expenses will go over the budget. So lowering the budget to the extreme will only put you in trouble – always try to keep a higher ceiling for the budget.