How To Transform Your Home From Bleh To Wow

Are you tired of your boring old furniture and dirty, semi stained walls? Do you experience a pang of jealousy when you see your friend’s newly decorated house or even find yourself wishing that you could afford to hire an expensive designer the entire appearance of your house? Well, it’s time to stop worrying and wishing now! There are several ways which can help you transform your home from bleh to WOW without the help of a designer. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Time to de-clutter!

One of the main reasons why your house looks dusty and crammed up all the time is because you’ve filled your house with unnecessary things that don’t do anything except take up too much space. If you happen to be a hoarder and cannot seem to part with your ten year old rug or cushion, then it’s time to make a change. Get rid of all old items that you don’t use anymore such as that slightly broken chair or the stained carpets or dusty old curtains or even the scented candles Australia that barely have any fragrance left in them. Host a junk sale and get rid of all your old items in order to make your house spacious and make room for the new things. 

Start moving

Sometimes, you don’t realize that the reason why your house looks boring is because all the items have been in the same place for the longest time. It’s time to start moving the furniture around and make a few changes here and there to notice a major difference in the overall appearance. Moving the bed to another corner of the room while ensuring that it is placed in such a way, that enough sunlight enters the room can make a huge difference. You can do the same to the living room as well, by swapping the sofa sets on either side to give the room a fresh appearance without changing the furniture.

DIY it!

Nothing screams “ADORABLE” than a room decorated with items that you have created with your own hands. Although it takes a great deal of time, effort and imagination to make items such as perfect handmade soy candles and frames that can showcase your favorite moments, the final outcome is definitely worth it. Not only will you feel proud of your work when guests can’t stop praising your handmade décor, you will also save quite a bit of money too. However, you must ensure that you make the décor to suit the color scheme and theme of each room.These tiny changes will definitely go a long way and help you transform your home into something much more beautiful than you could have imagined while ensuring that you don’t spend much!