Why Do We Use Tiles?

Tiles have a large variety and of different ranges. They are manufactured peace of article that are largely used in construction field. It brings in quality for the construction. They are most commonly used from the wall to the floor. They come in different colours, types and quality which can be used in any part of the building. Floors of kitchen, living room, laundry room, corridor, pool side, sit out area and on counter tops such as reception desks, kitchen counters, shelves, alters and the list goes on.floor tiles

Different uses a tile

Tiles are made for using in different areas. Let’s explore some of the main areas:


Roof types are mainly made of terracotta and sate and they are designed mainly to keep out rains. Concrete and plastic are also used at times.


These come in different colours and patterns. They are commonly made in ceramic or stone, also glass and rubber. There are glazed ceramic tiles of different designs while mosaic tiles get laid in various patterns.

These are small floor tiles. Mosaics tiles are also referred as splashback tiles due to the finish they provide mainly in a kitchen or bathroom. They are manufactured using different material such as porcelain, glass, natural stone, ceramic etc. Mosaics help create patterns when they are cut down into small strips and mixed with other tiles.

Granite and Marble:

Granite and marble tiles are also used for floors.
Most floor tiles are made slip-resistant by using different products and methodology.


These are used inside buildings, especially to control the acoustic effect and reduce the volume of air being cooled or heated. The patterns are usually on the front face of ceiling tiles, those function as a barrier for any spread of fire or smoke.

Material used

Ceramic, porcelain and pebbles are some of the material used for tile manufacturing. Custom tile printing is performed by a process called digital printing. Diamond etched is another method used for printing on the tile. This is done through laser engraving and it is a more permanent option than the other method.

Easy to maintain

Placing laundry tiles in a laundry room makes it easy and manageable. Spills of water, washing liquid etc. can be easily wiped off. Items that belong to a laundry room can be arranged well and in an orderly manner by having tiled shelves.

There are thousands of shades and colours with different designs. It give a better visibility when you have them online. You can take your own time to view them and come to decision as to which tile you would like to choose. You can also compare prices, patterns, colours and sizes when you have them all digitally displayed. To view more tiling options please visit https://www.cheaptilesonline.com.au/

Interior Solutions For The Modern Soul

The interior of a house plays a major role in portraying a figment of an individual’s personality. It reflects the personal choices made by the person to purchase the items that are a part of the house and to arrange it in a certain way. Here are a few tips to help you step up your interior game.

Choose a theme

Gone are the days when black sofas and beige curtains were mandatory parts of the living rooms in every household. Nowadays, people are going all out with the interior. Themes such as elegant white, rustic browns, pastel hues, bright mosaic and glittery glam are all the rage now. Choose a theme that reflects your personal style and manipulate it to suit your home interior in order to make it unique yet stunning. You could even have an individual theme for each room. If you are planning on renovations, then you could coordinate this with the new theme as well.

Move the furniture around

Changing the interior does not require you to spend loads of money of brand new furniture. A simple trick such as moving the location of the existing furniture could make a world of a difference. Place statement pieces such as antiques and artwork in areas that they are most likely to be noticed. Change the placement of the bed and cupboards in the bedroom and notice the difference instantly. If you have custom made kitchens in Sydney that are not fixed to the floor, then these could be moved around to change the overall look of the kitchen, without having to spend on new cupboards.

Add statement pieces

Adding a simple piece of furniture such as an elongated new mirror could transform the appearance of the living room by making it appear larger and more elongated thereby giving an illusion of the room being higher than it actually is. In addition, it would be a good idea to invest in a new sofa set which is comfortable and suits the new theme as well. Moreover, eye-catching frames or personalized artwork aid in adding a unique touch to the room. You could even have a personalized corner in each room where artwork and handmade craftwork made by you or your kids can be arranged.

Mix ‘n’ match

Avoid sticking to the mainstream color combinations and neutrals. Try adding a pop of color by including bright cushions on plain white sofas instead of white cushions. If you prefer neutral shades, then try adding texture to them by including velvet cushions, cane baskets, fur rugs and glass panels. In addition, you could paint the wall with different textures and opt for matte colors in certain areas and gloss sheen for the others.

Changing the interior of your home is going to be an exciting process, especially if you have a knack for creativity. So put on your thinking cap and bring those ideas existing in your imagination, to life.